söndag 29 augusti 2010

lady gaga - alejandro

this is one of the best music videos this summer,
enjoy :)

Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake

hey this is one of my fav songs please check the vid out :)

cash money heroes - i made it

hey check out this smoking hot video with kevin rudolf !!

miley cyrus - cant be tamed

hey guys check out mileys latest video !

this is a really well-made video! i love the creativity and mileys outfits :)
enjoy =)

girl's generation - gee with english lyrics!

this is one of my favorite bands! i was so happy when i found it with these made up lyrics! its realy fun xP

enjoy :)

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love the way you lie

i love this song, enjoy guys :)